new-years-new-york-cityI welcome 2009. We’ve had a really lovely new year. Although we were asleep when the clock struck midnight, we celebrated this morning with pancakes and plenty of QT. JD got a little mini vacation…in the yard. He loves working in the yard and since G came along that has been minimal. I made a big pot of White Bean Chicken Chili and put away Christmas decorations. All that’s left are the wreaths on the windows and moving it all to the attic.

The Cheesecake was and still is delicious. It’s the perfect consistency, although my crust was not crunchy. We have more than half left. I’m going to enjoy the baking group and am considering an Ina Garten recipe group. I love her recipes and style. They are simple and you can find all the ingredients.

Garner is officially cruising. She is moving around the coffee table trying to grab whatever is there and pull it off the table. She stood at the back door and watched her daddy rake leaves. She stood at the windows upstairs and talked to the world. She loves drinking from our glasses and is starting to eat more solid foods. Green beans didn’t go over so well, so I had to puree them in the mini Cuisinart. Garner will mimick sounds and gestures. If you giggle and shake your head she’ll do the same. She is ALL over the place and wants anything she shouldn’t have….like my computer….right now. 🙂 She will hug you and hug her little baby. She smiles when she sees JD and I kiss. She will entertain herself for a little while with some of her toys but mostly she wants to be on the move

Mom and dad got her a xylophone for Christmas and she loves playing it. It’s interesting to see what toys she enjoys and which she doesn’t – it changes every day. I think her favorite is the Direct DVR and the receiver.

Tomorrow is my last day off, excluding the weekend. I’ve been reminiscing about our last vacation which was a long weekend in New Orleans for my b’day. That was a year ago. I don’t think I remember the last time I went a year without a vacay. I need one…I REALLY need one.