I just love Valentine’s. Red is one of my favorite colors and what girl doesn’t love hearts. We doodled them on our notebooks and notes. We learned to fold paper in half and cut a perfectly symmetrical heart. Mrs. Grossman’s had the perfect heart sticker that we collected. And the overarching theme of love is just plain nice.

Some fun things i’ve seen online: sweetheart pops and  Fine Heart Photography 

I decided that it would be fun to bring back some of that elementary nostalgia. So, I’ve planned a fun Valentine’s craft brunch for a few friends – mostly in my SS class. 

I’m planning on having 4 card stations set up with all the elements. I’m also planning on having some delicious little brunch items. My friend Ashley gave me a heart muffin pan which will be perfect for this. 

I’ll post some of the recipes once I decide. In the meantime, I baked these cookies after seeing them on April’s blog. DELICIOUS for sure. Rich and chocolately. 

And apparently I have not been added to TWD for some reason so I’ll just have to do my own baking posts. Maybe they’ll follow TWD, maybe not.

JD is heading to Chi-town Friday for the big catalog printing and I’m looking forward to spending time with Mom. Hopefully I can take a day off work so we can have some fun time too.