This weekend was great! I hosted a Valentine’s craft party Saturday morning that I failed to get photos of, but it was great. Eight friends came over to craft for their loved ones. I provided some samples and kits with most of the pieces for the samples. I also provided a range of embellishments that both excited and overwhelmed. I was thankful to see the creativity in the room. I needed a bit of inspiration and those girls came through!

This is a photo of Anne’s cards – lifted from her blog.


Very nice job, Anne!

Don’t you just love good mail? An unexpected note, check or even gift? Friday we received the cutest Bunny Hat handknit by April. Here it is lifted from her Flickr unfinished. 
Expect a photo of G modeling soon. It was just too warm to make her wear it this weekend. Although she did enjoy it Friday afternoon while we were waiting for JD to get home. 

After our fun craft time we had lunch at Blue Coast with our new friends  Mollie and Jack. They are expecting their first baby soon and are transplants from Cali. I met her at BSF. I can’t imagine being a transplant anywhere right now. It makes me look at Memphis and see what I’m thankful for…

And today I’m thankful for 70 degree February weather…ahhhh…makes me almost feel like I’m on a vacation!

On the planning front: Garner’s b’day is right around the corner! I have no idea what we’re going to yet. I better get busy!