Thank you thank you thank you April for the too cute bunny handknit hat! We love handmade gifts – they are extra special. See…it matches the outfit my Gammie got me way before I was born. I have kitty ears on my hood!

It’s been a fun week. Garner took her first step on her own! She hasn’t quite gotten the hang of standing by herself and she’ll walk on her tip toes if we’re holding her hands but we were amazed and excited about the “step”. I know…I know…don’t wish this stage away too quickly! We’ll be chasing her all over the place.

We’ve begun the planning for Garner’s 1st birthday which is 2 weeks from tomorrow. ONE! WE MADE IT! 🙂 Pink and orange are the colors and we’re looking forward to cupcakes, paper lanterns and big tissue paper flowers. ONE!

Happy Monday…