bfs-logoTWD opened up again yesterday for a day only new member acceptance. April clued me in and I was able to post a comment before their midnight deadline. They have yet to post new members but I’m crossing my fingers.

Surgery update: didn’t take. The procedure done failed and we’re taking a step backward and basically starting from scratch. It disappointed and discouraged me, however, I’d rather it not have worked from the beginning that have waited 8 weeks to find out it didn’t work.

It’s not the most pleasant of areas or issues so I will spare the details on the blog. However, it’s pretty painful and I’ve been sitting on ice for 5 days now – if that tells you anything. I plan to return

We’ve been blessed with friends, meals, and family. I just don’t know how people get through pregnancy and surgery recovery periods without the love and help of friends & family. THANK YOU!