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I’ve enjoyed today more than expected. Although it was rainy and gray for a good part of the day, we had sunshine inside. There’s nothing like time for a 2 french presses of coffee and a good home cooked breakfast. We even watched cartoons!

I spent the day doing things that needed to be done, like laundry/dishes/etc. I tried to keep it pretty low key because I’m still not 100% since the surgery. I’m glad it’s only Saturday and I have one more day to the weekend. I’m really looking forward to the farmer’s market opening in a few weeks! Fresh veggies…downtown…delicious meals with that fresh food. YUM!

I looked forward to the next few TWD recipes and spent time flipping through the pages of the April “Living”. I love spring and Easter and green and flowers and trees budding!


Garner has been running a fever since yesterday so we didn’t do much. She never ceases to amaze me. She is growing and learning so much. Now seemed like a good time to do a list so I don’t forget these moments….

  • standing on her own and bouncing when music comes on.
  • taking 5 steps…then 3…then 6…so cute
  • kicking back on daddy and eating strawberries…so good!
  •  figuring out how to stack the lego blocks together and arranging and rearranging towers of blocks.
  • wanting to try every new food she sees and liking almost everything.
  • saying more and more sounds that sound like words
  • knowing what the ball is in her “Big Book of Words”
  • picking her up from daycare and they’ve done her hair in pigtails – for the first time
  • realizing that crawling days are almost over and i’m understanding more and more what people mean when they say, “enjoy this stage”…crawling has been too cute
  • loving the little sound she makes when she kisses me
  • watching her wave bye and hi and blow kisses
  • hurting for her while this second big bottom molar is coming in
  • loving watching her play with Peekaboo Barn on my iPhone – she knows JUST what to do


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