Ever since I was in grade school I have LOVED school supplies, art supplies, and office supplies. I have fond memories of going to the store the week before school started and buying all the supplies on my list. I would lay each and every piece out on my bed and marvel at the newness of them all. I would carefully arrange and rearrange the items in my bag or backpack and most likely go through the whole process the next day…until the supplies made their way to school.

This wonder and excitement didn’t stop once grade school was over because around my junior year of college I found myself changing majors – to graphic design. The excitement was all new again when it came to purchasing all the items on my “art” supply list. I looked forward to each and every trip to the Art Center. I loved getting back to my dorm or apt. and checking out all my new supplies.

And still today I get that wonderful feeling when I walk down the office supply isle at Target. Ha! Maybe that’s why I have an ENTIRE closet full of all kinds of supplies – sewing supplies, scrapbook supplies, office supplies, art supplies…supplies. It makes me happy when open that closet and just gaze at it and all it’s organized glory. Yes – I’m that much of a dork when it comes to my “supplies” and those who have ever felt this way come late July when the seasonal section turns into school supply heaven can truly relate.

So here are a few “supplies” that I think are pretty great:
1. r+h mini binder
2. rag and bone bindery this is not the one I have, but I love this fabric!
3. Coccoina Adhesive – Can with Brush – and it’s almond scented!
4. Cavallini & Co. Clipiola
5. Swim Locker Basket – just found out the physical store closed (which was so cool). at least there’s the web.
6. red paper suitcases