right now:
– Garner loves to put anything that resembles bracelets on her arms. She walks around with bracelets on both arms at home and daycare and everyone tells her how pretty her bracelets are.
– It’s fun to ask “Where is your belly…nose…mouth…” and watch Garner giggle when she pulls up her shirt and touches her belly…or sticks her finger in her nose – nice.
– She’s very aware of everything around her and loves to stop and touch leaves and plants when were walk down our sidewalk. in fact, she loves to touch everything – very lightly – just to feel it.
– She’s starting to string together sounds that resemble “what is that?”
– She loves to walk and push things.
– She is getting more confident in her walking.
– She loves to sit in JD’s lap when he plays guitar.
– She loves to rub the top of JD’s head when she’s sitting on his shoulders
– Burrito…mammasito…taco…enchilada
– She likes to stir anything with a spoon or spatula
– And she says “shhhhh….sleeping” but it doesn’t sound quite like that.
– She kisses, blows kisses…and hugs – and it feels so good.

We’ve planted seed for grass and hope it grows. We planted 12 hostas, 3 flats of impatiens, and 3 flats of dwarf mondo. Little by little it will become a Meredith yard – a JD Meredith yard.

Spring is here and I’m thankful. I’m glad my winter is over – it’s been a long challenging one.