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I’m about to attempt to embark on my first sewing project sans Mom. This is intimidating.
I’m thankful for video chat – if all else fails I can really show her what I’ve done in real time.

The project:
Picture 2

The materials:IMG_9954

I’ll be posting the process/progress here. Check back.

Reading blogs that is. It’s amazing how you can be reading your fav blog and then all of the sudden an hour is gone. Poof. Vanished. Done. All because that blog had a link to another blog that looked good and that blog had a great link to another site or blog, which led you to a cool looking store….sighhhhh. But I love it.

Renegade Craft Fair – so wish there was one here…
Twig & Thistle – I admire her design
Louise Fili – amazing desinger
Casapinka – pretty things
Rag & Bone – makes me miss eh paper

This looks really fun to me…
Full how-to here.

I love items in mass like this – especially when they are art. I have always been drawn more to installations that traditional art in a frame. One of my favorite professors in college was an installation artist. He was not one of my teachers, but I loved walking down the hall of the sculpture building and seeing what was going on in his room. Ah, the caveat of the graphic design students – so many classes you want to take and so many you HAVE to take that aren’t the same. If I went back, I’d take ceramics and sculpture for sure.

Greely is quoted as saying, ” As a native of the rural south I have a tremendous respect for work that is made by hand and guided by the heart and eye.” I get that. I like that.
And here is more of his art. And more here.

We’re making progress on my office/studio redo. It’s going to take time. Everything takes more time now that we have Garner. I think that must be God’s way of saying slowwwww down. During the reorg and cleanup Garner has had a lot of fun playing with all of Mama’s things…

We still have quite a lot of things to do in the office/studio, including painting, building the permanent desks, finding/installing overhead lighting, and creating and hanging art. We decided that it would be a good idea to live with this arrangement for a while and see how it works. The $15 Ikea Expedit shelf via Craigslist was the boost we needed to get moving, yes $15! Here are photos of where we are:
This is the craft area. I will eventually have a white desk that extends to the left down the wall with the angled ceiling. That desk will have a drop leave that will be a perfect area for sewing (I’m still hopeful to become a decent seamstress, not good, but decent!).
IMG_9931 copy
This is the entire area. There will also be a desk that extends from the Expedit shelving on the right wall. This is the computer/printer area. Work.
IMG_9934 copy

More later on colors and Garner’s play area…

Thank you to all our veterans and families of veterans. We are so thankful for the sacrifices made by those willing to serve our country, and the families to which they belong.

That’s right…I’m a big Martha fan. Well, I’m really a fan of her staff and all the cool things they come up with for the Martha Stewart Show, Living, and Everyday Food. Looking forward to this:

51ttFcrS12L._SS500_How about you Leah?

Today is Sunday. Sunday. I still get that end of the weekend feeling on Sunday afternoon like when I was in school. I guess in a way I am still in school – just on the other side. Yesterday was graduation. It’s always a happy and kind of sad time all at once. Those seniors I become attached to are moving on to college. I hope and pray that they make good decisions. Oh my….college.

This afternoon is a cove party across the street. I’m looking forward to meeting more of my neighbors, but also that this was an excuse to cook something new…


Fresh Strawberry Bars
Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens…click here

They are delicious. They have hint of good old fashioned pb&j and very easy to make.

Check out s+s. I’ve added a floral line. We’ll see how it does.


That’s the latest S+S design. You can find them at my Esty shop, along with 2 other designs.

If anyone is interested in some trade advertising let me know!


Yes, that’s part of Amy Butler’s new line of bedding! I wonder how much? how much? how much? I doubt JD would ever go for that “girly” in our room, but it sure is pretty isn’t it?

Today is the last day of regular classes which means I’m done with teaching until August. It flies. And I survived this first year working as a mom. It’s had it’s challenges but I’m thankful for the opportunity. And hopefully we’ll get to enjoy a little slower pace during the summer schedule. (No – I’m not off during the whole summer, only Fridays).

Happy Friday. And Happy last day of classes.

It’s been a REALLY nice time with Gammie and Poppie. We have had a nice time playing and cooking and hanging out. We got a few little projects done, but mostly we had great QT.

Thank you for everything Gam & Pop…
– for taking care of us
– cooking for us
– cleaning up for us
– hanging shelves for us
– for giving us new food to try
– for taking us out to dinner
– for running us around on errands
– for keeping us company
– for watching our favorite shows with us
– for reading to us
– for sticker and finger paint fun
– for baths and bottles

…but most of all for loving us.





It seems like it’s been a long week, but then again, it seems like a blur. I’m glad it’s Friday and green is on my mind…

I love this idea:
Love these
beautiful green platforms

And this is a great post on breaking out of your creative rut.

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