We’re making progress on my office/studio redo. It’s going to take time. Everything takes more time now that we have Garner. I think that must be God’s way of saying slowwwww down. During the reorg and cleanup Garner has had a lot of fun playing with all of Mama’s things…

We still have quite a lot of things to do in the office/studio, including painting, building the permanent desks, finding/installing overhead lighting, and creating and hanging art. We decided that it would be a good idea to live with this arrangement for a while and see how it works. The $15 Ikea Expedit shelf via Craigslist was the boost we needed to get moving, yes $15! Here are photos of where we are:
This is the craft area. I will eventually have a white desk that extends to the left down the wall with the angled ceiling. That desk will have a drop leave that will be a perfect area for sewing (I’m still hopeful to become a decent seamstress, not good, but decent!).
IMG_9931 copy
This is the entire area. There will also be a desk that extends from the Expedit shelving on the right wall. This is the computer/printer area. Work.
IMG_9934 copy

More later on colors and Garner’s play area…

Thank you to all our veterans and families of veterans. We are so thankful for the sacrifices made by those willing to serve our country, and the families to which they belong.