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I’m about to attempt to embark on my first sewing project sans Mom. This is intimidating.
I’m thankful for video chat – if all else fails I can really show her what I’ve done in real time.

The project:
Picture 2

The materials:IMG_9954

I’ll be posting the process/progress here. Check back.


Reading blogs that is. It’s amazing how you can be reading your fav blog and then all of the sudden an hour is gone. Poof. Vanished. Done. All because that blog had a link to another blog that looked good and that blog had a great link to another site or blog, which led you to a cool looking store….sighhhhh. But I love it.

Renegade Craft Fair – so wish there was one here…
Twig & Thistle – I admire her design
Louise Fili – amazing desinger
Casapinka – pretty things
Rag & Bone – makes me miss eh paper