It’s always a painstaking process for me to find a new handbag. I think I’ve found the perfect one online, I go to try it out, it’s not right. And it begins again.

The handles have to be just the right length.
I prefer one handle.
I has to be able to go on my left shoulder and fit under my arm with items in the purse.
Yes, I put my items in the purse when I test it out.
I can’t easily slip off my shoulder.
It can’t be the dark abyss when it is full and I try to look inside while it’s on my shoulder.
It must have a pocket.
I like two – one that zips and one that’s open for my phone.
I prefer leather.
Soft leather.
Usually a shade of brown, sometimes black.
With some kind of hardware.

It’s down to two Tano Bags. I’ve tested a similar style and brand of bag via students at school. I like the look and feel. I haven’t sought out these two particular styles
1. The safe bet.
TAO WH 9897_S_01
2. The funkier option.

If you know me well, you’ve heard me talk about the funky girl inside who’s dying to come out. I’m an ARTIST for goodness sake. Sure, a graphic artist, but an ARTIST none the less! I know – I don’t get to do much art these days. And if you’ve seen my house, you’ll know that I lean to the safe conservative side. It’s easier most of the time. I don’t have to think about it.

But the closer I get back to my pre-pregnancy weight (9.8 lbs to go – and whoever said 9 months on 9 months off wasn’t 36 having her first child with a tendency to gain anyway – phooey)(and then a few more to the final goal) the louder that funky girl gets. She’s the one that bought the green/brown eyeglasses. She’s the one who wants to change all the bedding and paint colors. And she is the one who would definitely buy the avacado green Tano bag. Sighhhh…..