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yearbook camp.

It’s been a blur.

Steve Collums, ECS Headmaster

Steve Collums, ECS Headmaster

We returned home to some very sad news. Our beloved Headmaster, Steve Collums, went home to be with his Lord and Savior on Sunday. What a man of God he was. He loved people, love life, and love teaching others, especially about Christ. He was gifted. He left a legacy that can not be put into words. We are forever changed just because we knew him, talked to him, learned from him and laughed with him. He will be greatly missed.

The surgery went well. Recovery has been less painful than expected. The week of pain meds is fuzzy, but I’m thankful I didn’t have to take them any longer than that. I realized how much I prefer to feel some pain and be clear headed. My follow up appt. last week went well. I’ll have a more involved appt. in 3 weeks. And we won’t know if it worked for another 3-6 months. But I am feeling very good.

Epidural Nerve Block.
It has given some relief – mostly in the radiating leg pain. However, I am still unable to sleep on either side and will most likely have to have another block. I’m hoping my post-opp appt will give more information and schedule PT.

The office/studio.
The office desks were built while I was recovering – thanks to JD, my Dad and Lowes! I still have to paint everything and get the table out of the way, but I’m thrilled with the configuration and will look forward to many many hours of creativity in that room.

Yearbook Camp.
Yearbook camp was great – for both the students and myself. Tara was awesome and I was thankful she was as interested and wanted to be at every session. I think it will be a good partnership to start the year off right. I also had the privilege of meeting with an HJ rep who was a former yearbook advisor. She was kind to forward all her forms, syllabus, grading criteria, etc. from when she taught. What a blessing!

While I new the 1.25 hours I had in that massive box was not nearly enough…I did escape under budget with most of my wish list items…

Hoping to post photos from our Farmer’s Market morning tomorrow. It was delightful.

I’ll be going here in just a couple of days and I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself!

I have a list a mile long, but my Camry will only hold so much. And with 4 passengers in the car, we’ll be VERY limited…but I have faith that all I need will fit. If not, I’ll take up some space in the 2 vans that will be making the trek with us. Oh yes. Yearbook Camp. That’s right. Yearbook Camp – with 12 of the best kids I could ever have the pleasure of traveling with.

Thank you God. 🙂

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