No idea how long since the last post. No idea what all has happened in life since then either. I do know that I realized I spend way too much time on the computer. I have only learned this since taking up a new hobby – thank you Mom.

The deal: I smock, she finishes. Get ready Mom…I’m closed to finishing this!

I never thought I’d enjoy anything like this. It’s most rewarding to look down and see that I’ve stitched a whole row. All those little stitches magically turn into hearts and design. It has allowed me to remove myself from my computer. I have not followed up on blogs and read emails and su

This sweet Bishop will be worn by my sweet Garner. She can pass this down to her baby girl one day maybe. There’s some family heritage there. Maybe getting older makes you think about those things you want to pass down.

So Mom, thank you. You might not know it, but you have instilled in me the importance of this kind of heritage. And while I may never be the kind of artist you are, I can appreciate and contribute to this art of hand sewing. You and I will have created something together than will be a special keepsake.