does NOT equal, or even come close to this:

Last night JD and I had the privilege of having our second date night in 2 weeks. While Mamaw played with Garner, we went to see Where the Wild Things Are. I struggled with even wanting to see the movie because it’s one of, if not my favorite children’s book -as an adult that is.

I worked at Borders in college in the children’s department. I was the Saturday story time lady. I orchestrated elaborate story time events, including princess dress up tea parties, Winnie’s b’day party, and the Stinky Cheese Man. I was hired on as an original staff person. So, I was there before the books were. Yes, I, along with 25 or so other people stocked every book in that place. Palette after palette of books arrived via 18-wheeler, were unloaded into the stock room, and then the stocking circus would begin. I was a well-organized event.

My job was the kids dept. If you’ve ever been in Borders, you’ll know it’s not a small dept. Before time to go home each evening we would read a story. And during that first week of setting up the store, it was my turn….and I picked Where the Wild Things Are. It’s a great memory.

When the movie came out I wrestled with the idea of seeing it. I didn’t want my grown-up children’s book ruined. I wanted it to stay in tact. I’ve seen several movies that have been adapted into film. Some are ok. Most are so-so.

So with an evening to ourselves we had to take advantage of seeing a movie. We flipped a coin – Amelia or Where the Wild Things Are. And you know what won.

I don’t read may movie reviews so I’m not even sure what the critics said, but it was kind of sad. I expected more animated make believe. I expected a more innocent story. I expected something lighter and more fun. I will do my best to not remember the movie every time I read the book that sits on Garner’s shelf. I will do my best to make my mind’s idea of the story win out over someone’s film idea of the story.

I won’t ruin it for those who read this that want to see it. If you’ve read the book, you know the story. I guess we just get to know the characters in a way I never wanted to.

So still, I’m uncertain as to whether or not I even liked it. I did, however, love an evening with my husband, and the trip to Muddy’s aftewards made our evening perfect.