1977 or 1978
Madison, Connecticut
Winter in Connecticut was beautiful. We had a few acres of land and behind us back into the woods was a pond that we would ice skate on. Yes, I learned to ice skate on a real pond. My brother would walk with me down to the pond and we’d meet other kids and ice skate around. It was magical. Almost everything about CT was magical to my childhood eyes.

One afternoon Todd and I went to the pond to ice skate and as I bent over to put my skates down so I could sit and put them on, I leaned into a stick that was frozen in the water. My mother took me to see the local ophthalmologist who happened to be head of that department at Yale. He lived in our small town and had a beautiful office that was in his home. His dogs were part of the experience and made a traumatic event not so bad.

I can truly say, “it’s better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.” Heh.

Fast forward 32 years and I’ve never been able to see well out of that eye and most doctors I’ve seen told me that without a cornea transplant I would never really be able to see better than either 20/250 or 350 (can’t remember exactly except that it’s bad). The thing is, my bad eye is basically like lazy eye, except the muscle still works well.

Yesterday JD and I went to see Dr. Rachel Wyatt, OD. She is so wonderful! Through a series of tests she told me that with contact she could correct my vision to 20/40 and by next year hopefully 20/30. You have no idea what that means to me!

So today I’m wearing my new contacts and I feel a little off because the scripts are different. But thrilled that my vision will be better. Now I’ll only need to wear reader glasses for close up work, which means I can get the cute cheap ones in the Pharmacy section of most stores! HA! 🙂

Video Snapshot-1

Love it!