We’re all a BUZZ in the bee costume this year. Garner loves it and has gotten the opportunity to wear it three times now. 🙂

Thank you to Highland for Trunk or Treat last Sunday, to Senatobia CC for Trunk or Treat with Mamaw and to Open Arms for the Halloween Costume parade! Those are all a bit hit with Garner and us! She figured out very quickly what to do with her “Got Corn” her Gigi (Gammy) made her last year. She filled it to the brim going from car to car. All she’s really interested in is the action, well, with the exception of the DumDum lollipops.

And we had a big event at the Meredith house last night. Garner used her potty for the first time. She totally knows what it’s for and has been sitting on it every night for the past week or so. Last night she tried to take off the diaper herself and went straight to the potty seat. She proudly told Daddy over the phone that she Tee Tee in Pa Pa. HA! I know – this is only cute to those of you with children. Adorable to me. 🙂

Working on the SerifSans Christmas line…here’s a sneak peak…
Picture 1

Go to serifsans.etsy.com for more designs. The collection will be growing over the next week or two so check back!

Happy Fall!