Garner’s class is called the Green Frogs. She can say green frogs…and so many other things. Mom made this fun embroidered green frog shirt and I MADE THE PANTS! HHAHAH!

Since I don’t write in a journal anymore, this blog serves that purpose. Because I want to remember these things and hope to turn this blog into a book one day, I thought I’d write some things I want to remember…Garner says: Purkle – purple, Toh toh – Stroller, Pa Pa – poptarts, poppie and pottie – it’s all about the context, Ishes – Goldfish, Joo – Juice, My side – outside, baby and too many more to write at this moment.

The Needle n Thread is coming along. The site should be up and running within a couple of weeks. All products, codes, fabrics and descsriptions have been done. We’re pricing items right now and detmerming inventory. It will be a nice shop! Mom is getting orders for various items. She’s enjoying creating.

I might have shown these already but wanted to show a finished NT product ready to ship to a friend:

Packaged and ready for the package label to be put on the back. (Yes mom, you now have stickers!)

I promise I’ll post a link as soon as the store is functional. In the meantime, please let me know if you’d like to see the beta version product page.

Other things on the to do list…decorate my house for Christmas! YES!