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One more recipe from : Chicken Orzo Salad. I made this for a work function and realized while making it that one of the ingredients was missing from the list. That’s the second recipe from ss that I’ve come upon like that. After I got to work and shared the dish, and the missing ingredient issue, we collectively agreed that it must have been sliced almonds that was missing.

If I made it again, I’d get larger grapes and the larger orzo pasta. It was a little gummy but very tasty. It would have been even better with the almonds!

Crafting: Somehow I managed to get this dress done in December, but not before Christmas:

She wore it the Sunday after Christmas and that was ok. It’s called “Silent Mice” and is the sweetest little plate I’ve seen for Christmas.

I learned a lot of things on that dress.

1. Everything takes longer than you think it will – especially hemming a dress.

2. Never ever take that top holding row thread out until you’ve completed the finishing.

3. Finishing isn’t near as intimidating as I thought.

4. A French seam is your friend.

5. No one, and I mean no one will know if your stitching is exactly right – on the smocking or the finishing.

6. There’s a sense of accomplishment in sewing that nothing else brings. I created not only a beautify heirloom, but I created a necessity – clothing!

7. I’m glad I’m finally learning this craft that my Mother’s does so well. It gives me a respect and appreciation for her that I’ve never known. And I’m glad I learned it while she can encourage me and see the outcome!

Garner update (don’t read if you don’t like those silly little Mommy posts – but this is my only means of journaling at this point in my life) with less than 2 months til her 2nd birthday, Garner amazes us daily. In the last month she’s started speaking in sentences and alerting us to the need to potty. She loves Snow White and becomes so animated during certain  scenes. Scared when Snow White is scared


Fro Whi – Snow White
Ssat? – What’s that?
Wook Mama – Look Mama
Pakka – Pockets
My poon  – My Spoon
Rob Bop – Rabbit
And a favorite during the holidays….You Got I! Hot Hot Hot YOU GOT IT! Hot Chocolate!
N Elmo (Nemo) has now turned into Meeemo.

Singing: ABC song, Twinkle Twinkle, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and most recently Jesus Loves Me.

She bows her head and folds her hands for prayers.

I’ll hear her from the other room talking to her babies, to Fro Whi, to her kitchen. She loves to play dress up and color and show Mama and Daddy.

That’s all for now.  Happy Monday.

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