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I’m hoping that one day when Leah is a famous baker and I can work for “fun” instead of need, Leah will hire me to do fun little things like those.  😉

Delicious…and I mean delicious cupcake pops. The first time I saw these was on a MSL (of course) by Bakerella. You want to see cute? Just go to her website and check out the cake pops link.

The pops above have a Oreo Truffle filling (crushed oreos mixed with cream cheese). You have to chill (freeze) the dough once you’ve shaped it before dipping. I works much better if that cold.

Happy Valentine’s Day! xoxo

No matter how old I am, it’s always exciting to get up, peek through the blinds and find a winter wonderland outside.

I’m the one who posts school closing on our website so that announcement goes out early. I posted the info and started the coffee…

We enjoyed walking around in the snow…

tasting the snow…

And stoming the snow of our boots…

And it’s always fun to look back and see your home throughout the seasons. So here’s our real winter pic…

No coffee at home (which is rare) means a stop by the buck. This just made my morning 🙂

Makes you smile too, huh? Valentine’s is on the way!

Happy 5th, JD. Can’t imagine life without you.

Thank you for loving me, supporting me, being patient with me, helping me, standing by me, being mine.

Here’s what he surprised me with this morning 🙂 Does every girl love those little blue boxes with the perfect white satin bow as much as me??? Sighhhhhhh. thank you my sweet JD.

And REALLY looking forward to our date tonight – TSUNAMI! If you’ve never eaten there, you must. It’s the most fabulous restaurant in Memphis.

I like too. 🙂

thank you leah for your valentine’s days-o-many…

and thank you emersonmade. you’re sweet. and cute too.

It’s a chilly one here in Memphis. We’ve enjoyed a long weekend with plenty of ice on the ground.

With February comes my anniversary and Valentine’s and love in the air. HA!

Here’s a sweet craft (courtesy of Martha Stewart of course) if you like to sew:

You’ll find a 5 step photo instructions on that page.


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