Yep. I look back at the last three weeks and realize we’ve been busy.

Garner celebrated 2 with a small party due to a stomach bug the previous 24 hours. We had the immediately family mostly and it was nice. My Mom and Dad were in town and helped tremendously. Pics to come.

Spring Break Vacation started with me having the stomach bug en route to Mobile. Nice. We hopped on the “big boat” as Garner calls it and headed out into the ocean to Mexi-mo – Cozymel, Calica, and Playa. The weather was gray and windy from here to there and back but our two days in Mexico were warm and sunny. We survived it. We enjoyed parts of it. We cruised, finally. Not sure that’s our ideal kind of vacation but we did it and we’re glad we did.

Return home means back to work and we’re on the 9 week home stretch til school is out. I’m a 12 month employee so I don’t get the luxury of a full summer break, but I do get Fridays off and a shorter day M-Th. I enjoy that time and use Fridays to run errands, see friends and clean the house so my weekends are chore free. I’d kind of love that every week. 🙂

So, the Lord has been teaching me a few things lately that I wanted to share. For the last several years I’ve struggled with the notion of being older and missing my 20s. Let me clarify – I love my marriage, my daughter, and my place in life but I miss the freedom, sometimes irresponsibility, and quiet that came with my 20s. I’ve struggled with guilt though. Guilt of wasted time and years. Guilt that my life had no real purpose or reason. Guilt regarding some of the decisions I made.

But this past week the Lord spoke to me through a bible study I’m doing by Priscilla Shirer. It’s called Discerning the Voice of God. It’s one of those studies that has a lot of real life application and allows you to really look at yourself in a fresh way.

My 20s were (and my life still is) a sanctification process and I’m so thankful that God loves me, cares for me, wants to have a relationship with me, and has an awesome plan for my life.

I realized through this study that I’m really wasting precious time right now by dwelling on the past – the good or bad of it. Isaiah 43:18-19 (NIV) reminded me that I shouldn’t dwell in the past, that I should look to the future God has for me. All the while I’ve been thinking about my 20s, I’ve been missing out the joys and blessing God has for me right now in this time. My goal this week is to enjoy where I am. Get to know this season a little better, and embrace it with all of who I am. This is far from a desert season, but God is teaching me something through this time and don’t want to miss it.

And thank you, Lord, for daffodils and longer days. They  make me happy.