For introducing me to Lonny Mag. I missed you, Domino. Thank you Lonny for bringing back some of that lovely inspiration.

And thank you eleanor for being you. I always appreciate your willingness to hear me, really listen, and give me advice I appreciate – whether it’s what I want to hear or not. You know me well.

And some other sweet inspiration I’ve found today:

This would be a lot prettier on my bedside table than my sony alarm clock. Ha.

I’d love to be able to do calligraphy like that. And I think I’m in need of twine.

Fun fluffy ribbon. Would look really sweet on some crisp glossy wrapping paper with a wide grosgrain in another spring pastel underneath.

And why didn’t I take watercolor while I was getting my BFA?????

Think I might have to borrow this idea and put my own spin on it for some personal cards. Too bad I don’t have a letterpress press.

X-acto anyone? 🙂

There you go, Monday. Gray skies and rainy days can’t get me down when there’s blogs to enjoy!

Now…to work in a little project Eleanor and I are doing…and a little bullion rose addition to Garner’s Easter dress. Those bring be BIG sunshine.