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It was so so good to see Leah graduate! It was better to have a weekend away with my husband in Nashville. We spent time with Leah, we enjoyed spending time with Leah’s family and friends, we ate at a great place in East End – Eastland Cafe, we drove around and dreamed of moving. We ate at the Pancake Pantry, we headed down to Franklin – so quaint…and dreamed of moving….

Congratulations Leah! Looking forward to Chi-town…save your pennies!

I’m looking forward to celebrating one of life’s best milestones with:

LEAH! Congats on your upcoming graduation! I’m thrilled to get to see you walk! (yes I snagged that photo off fb).

College graduation memories for me:
– have the biggest grin on my face that I wouldn’t have wiped off to save my life
– my family being there to see me FINISH!
– TOAST – my sweet nephew who is now 14 toasting with us (with a piece of toast – ha!)
– a carriage ride – thank you Billy – from the Pyramid to the car.
– sitting with my dear friend Ash throughout the ceremony – there were times we thought we’d not make it!
– unbelief at the champagne and plastic champagne cups smuggled under gowns into graduation and distributed during the ceremony among the other graduates
– that stinky guy who hadn’t slept, was still drunk, and smelled like a beer filled ash tray – whew!

So thankful I changed majors my Junior year and added another 4 years to my college career. I’m doing exactly what God made me to do and I know that within my heart 🙂

ENJOY EVERY MOMENT LEAH! I’m so proud of you and will see you tomorrow!

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