Hallelulah is Garner’s version of Hallelujah.

Oldmilk is her version of Oatmeal.

Yous is her version of Your.

We’ve had Gammie nad Pappa here this weekend and have enjoyed their company. Mom and I got a wild hair and finally painted the office/playroom! WOO HOO! It’s my favorite color. Martha moved to Home Depot and renamed all her colors. The Lowe’s version was Vintage Map and I used it on Garner’s room both in Atoka and our current house. The Home Depot version is called Enamelware and just as beautiful.

I love the display at Home Depot and the paint swatch book. There are 2 other colors I’d love to use the room as accent colors – Bay Leaf and Ladybug.

I have a plan to paint Garner’s IKEA easel and table/chair set with the Bay Leaf.

And after 2 years…my office is my favorite color! I’m so thankful for my Mom and her hard work with me this weekend. The walls are now a cool Enamelware blue that is so peaceful and bright. I know it will be a perfect place for my crafting, sewing and other creative endeavors. And Garner just loves it.

We simplified and cleaned out the stuff that was weighing us down. I still have a lot of donating, trashing and storing to do. I’ll pack up all the toys that Garner has outgrown. I have a lot of craft supplies that will be donated or trashed. Next post – my process for clearing and cleaning out.