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What a better way to bring a little sunshine on a gray day when you have a cold than surfing Valentine’s Day sweet happy things.

Sweet crochet heart garland
from Molly Dunham of A Foothill Home Companion.

handmade card ideas. the pennant card would be sweet with hearts too.
from Martha Stewart

possible idea for Garner’s class Valentine’s happies?
from Martha Stewart

heart mobile from Pottery Barn a while back. Would be super simple to make.

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these butterfly garland from this neck of the woods could also be done with heart shapes
and reminded me of this:

framed butterfly punch framed by ali edwards
and inspired this one by Ali:

I created a butterfly shadowbox just like Ali’s using a Martha Stewart punch and a shadow box from Hobby Lobby for Garner’s room. I used all 72 or something designs we created when I did eh paper. I’m thinking of redoing mine with a white background and framed like Ali’s but with white frames. All of those crafts would have to be super simple and quick with the exception of the crochet and sewing projects. I have to have a mix of “can be completed in one short sitting” with “ongoing for several weeks” projects. Paper hearts glued on to paper vs. smocked dresses.

We find out at 8:30am on the 7th if this little baby is a girl or a boy. Hopefully I’ll be over this cold and ready to hit some of those 40 before 40 projects full steam. This is the best part of pregnancy right now and I want to get some stuff done!

Don’t think I’ll be crafting much today but I most likely will be prepping for my 8 chicken pot pies I need to make for our meal swap on Friday. I’m looking forward to the dishes on the list this week and am thankful to my co-worker for coming up with the meal swap idea…and I work with some ladies who can COOK!

Weekly recap (something I’d like to remember to do on a regular basis so if I ever do turn my blog into a book I’ll have some things to remember other than what I wanted to craft or cook.

1. Garner has had a little cold too but has been very concerned about Mamma and has been sure to give me cough drops when needed, lots of snuggles, tucked me in and told me, “I come back and check on you Mamma.”  Melts me.

2. Baked 2 bundt cakes from Dorie Greenspan’s book, “Baking from my Home to Yours” called Nutty Chocolately Swirly Sour Cream Pound Cake . I’ll give this one an A for sure. It had orange zest and cinnamon swirl with chocolate. It was so dense and moist – YUM.

not the best pic with the iPhone.

3. Enjoyed great conversation and dinner with the Bakers and Ivys. Thank you for your hospitality. Always such a pleasure to hang out with those two ladies. Kiddos had a blast playing dress up and running through the house like little crazy people.

4. Auction at my place of employment was a  success. Those community building events are always so nice because you get to see people you don’t very often.

5. Finally broke down and bought some maternity clothes. I just couldn’t go on any longer. Now I have 2 shirts, 2 pairs of jeans (one long and one reg), a pair of nice slacks, a pencil skirt, some leggings, a cami, and a cute pink cardigan.

6. Garner can just about dress herself. Is completely potty trained. Wants to help cook, clean, work,  and anything else mamma and daddy are doing. She’s going to be a GREAT big sister.


I find it interesting (and maybe something to pay attention to) that this random Wordle generated “family” larger than anything else. I’ve been thinking about a word for the year. Nurture comes to mind, because I’m pregnant. Grow was another – obvious physically growth of a baby and me, but spiritual growth as well. But when family appeared that large I realized that it encompasses both nurturing and growth. As the mother, I’ll nurture my children. As a family we’ll grow together and learn a lot this year.

So I think family is the word for 2011, because after all, family is one of the most important things in the whole world.

With a snow day comes a lot of time at home. And I love that right now. I must be nesting. Along with cooking, cleaning, laundry, tv time, story time, naps, finger painting, CandyLand, coloring and lots of snuggling….I’ve done a little crafting:

I made a pair of these sweet little hangers for a baby shower I attended today. I wish I’d taken photos at the shower because Hillary and Tracy did a wonderful job with the theme. It was Beatrix Potter and the food table was old wooden crates with cabbage leaves and lots of fresh veggies. Other cabbages were used on the beverage table instead of flowers. So creative and beautiful.

I was inspired by this hanger:

That was with a baby gift I received for Garner a few years ago. It usually has a beautiful day gown hanging on it that Eleanor gave Garner. We use that sweet dress as decor….

I hand embroidered the letter (based on a font I printed out) with a backstitch and then used a running stitch along the edge of the hanger. I pinked the edge and added a little ribbon…so simple…so sweet.

The mother-to-be loved them! And I loved making them. Those will definitely be new baby gifts from here on out.

I also did a little smocking…

That will be Garner’s Valentine’s dress. It’s an Ellen McCarn plate called Strawberries & Flowers. I’m keeping it simple. I can do a geometric fairly fast. Ha. Fast. That’s during naptime or after bedtime if I have an energy left.

I finally decided to hang the Ikea shelf with Ribba Frames:

Now I  just have to get some photos printed for them and redo that awful bulletin board and hang it under the ledge.

And then did a little reorg and took inventory (not literally) of what I have left of my EH Paper stash.

I get a little sad thinking it will be gone one day. All the hours we put into each and every design. It brings me joy every time I personalize and package a gift using this paper. That was a fun time in my life.

On the agenda for the rest of the weekend:

1. Cook ahead a bit for the week.
2. Finish designing the ECS Digital Highpoint Magazine that has to be done by Monday at 7:30am.
3. Rest.
4. Do something on my 40 before 40 list.
5. Catch up on my Bible reading.

Happy weekend.

I’ll be 40 on January 5, 2012. I’ll have an almost 4 year old Garner and a 6 month old ??

I’ve kept this one closer to the vest than I did with Garner but we are pregnant and due in July. I try to be sensitive when blabbing my news because I have many friends who want children but have not been able to have them yet. I love these friends and my heart aches for them. I pray for them. I cry for them. I hope for them. I believe for them. I know they will all be amazing mothers one day.

Now on with the less sappy stuff…my list and why.

I found this idea on Nicole Balch’s blog, Making it Lovely. She made a 30 before 30 list which she also worked on while pregnant with #2. I thought it was a great idea and might keep me motivated to get some things done I’ve been putting off. Nothing like nesting.

40 before 40
(in no particular order.)

344 days. 40 things. We’ll subtract a little time for maternity leave.

1. Clean out and redesign/paint the nook in my room.
2. Clean out/organize all closets
3. Donate. Donate. Donate. Sell. Sell. Sell on Craigslist.
4. Cook something I’ve never tried before – something that seems difficult like soufflé.
5. Redo guest room for Garner. – edited – for Graham.
6. Redo Garner’s room for ?.
7. Sew a dress for Garner and something for ?
8. Learn to use camera in manual mode – hopefully with a new Canon G12 🙂
9. Eat healthier while pregnant and after to lose all baby weight +20
10. Plan fabulous vacation for my 40th – somewhere warm.
11. Celebrate 6 years with JD in a special way
12. Create a playlist for new baby.
13. Try a new color of lipstick – I think I’ve been wearing the same color for about 10 years – I know.
14. Redo guest bath walls, fixtures, shower curtain, accessories.
15. Create online portfolio of work – it’s been too many years since I’ve had my work online.
16. Hang picture ledge and redone bulletin board in office/playroom.
17. Redo landscaping in front of house.
18. Spend more time outside when it warms up.
19. Visit a museum exhibit – something I used to do often.
20. Pay off our credit cards – we have small debt but want no debt before baby.
21. Pick fresh strawberries.
22. Video Garner more.
23. Take a special trip with Garner before new baby comes.
25. Watch less TV.
26. Read some books.
27. Cook several times a week.
28. Plan a week of meals and follow through.
29. Grow herbs or some kind of vegetable.
30. Try a new hairstyle.
31. Go through all of Garner’s clothes and decide what to sell, keep and donate.
32. Plan to spend time with friends at least once a month outside of church & small group – seems like not much but when you work full-time and have kids it a decent goal to work towards.
33. Have fresh flowers in the house on a regular basis.
34. Keep my car clean.
35. Redo Garner’s playhouse.
36. Create a photo book of Garner on .Mac or Shutterfly
37. Use my extra large MS Scrapbook – this will require printing a lot of photos I have on my computer
38. Print and hang JD’s photography in office, hallway, bedrooms and staircase
39. Can something – fruit or vegetables.
40. Have a baby

I appears I have a lot to do.

It’s lovely this morning in Memphis. Fresh snow covers the ground – a treat we don’t get very often. My wonderful husband made me coffee and brought it to me so I could watch the Today Show, look out the window and enjoy the snow and have coffee, all from the comfort of my bed. Garner is hanging out between us with the iPad in lap.

Slow and easy – wonderful winter morning.

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