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We had the pleasure of seeing our friend/artist, Hillary Butler this morning. She’s awesome and so creative. I work with her husband who is our art teacher and the creativity must just ooze out of their house. I told JD I wished I was creative like that and he was so encouraging to remind me that I am creative all the time – with smocking, sewing, stationery…just not painting. Thank you for the affirmation, JD. I love you.

Hillary is partnering with the Memphis Botanic Garden for an event this spring in the Big Backyard. It will be an Alla Prima party for kids. She used Garner’s room for her “set” and below you see the fun painting the kids will get to do. I’ll post more info once the details are in order. One of the cool things about this is that it’s earth-friendly and painted on recycled newsprint! You’re doing your part Hill!

Isn’t that so sweet?! I love seeing it in different frames – really changes the feel of the piece. Visit her at to see some of her “grown-up” paintings and even me! My friend Donna and I did a party with Hill in December. We painted Tres Trees and it now sits in my wonderful office. I love the color palette she uses. Right up my alley. She’s given and hint of peonies for the spring. I’ll be the first to sign up!

So here’s an update to the 40 before 40

–  3 closets have been cleaned out. 6 to go. Having a lot of storage space means having more space for junk to collect.
– we have a plan for Garner’s room and paint color chosen….more to come on that once I finalize the fabric choices
– I’ll be going through all of Garner’s clothes and baby things over the next 2 weeks for donating, selling and giving. Our church consignment sale is the end of March and I plan to sell quite a bit.
– We have money earmarked to pay off on credit card by the end of Feb, repair the fence, and purchase new landscaping for the front of the house. YAY!
– we have sold two big pieces of furniture on craigslist and are collecting things for our spring garage sale. purge purge purge!
– we celebrated 6 years by going to a movie with Garner. It was fun and we ate lots of junk food. 🙂 I’d call that special.

Many more things to do on the list. I’ll clean out a closet today and find a recipe to cook something I’ve never tried before this week.

It will be in the 60s this week in Memphis – a far cry from our overnight 20s this past week. Ahhh – Spring? Are you coming?

Today we’re at home with another snow day. While it’s beautiful…I’d love to be out and about. But if I was able to be out and about, I guess I’d be at work. Garner and I are hunkered down…just had cinnamon muffins and are watching cartoons. We’re still in the bed 😉 Poor JD had to go to work. On the agenda for today would be more cartoons, some kind of art, reading books, lunch and nap, smocking and laundry, some light cleaning,

We’ve had a lot of highs and lows this week…

High: Celebrating 6 years of marriage – he’s an amazing husband, daddy and friend.

High:: Finding out our little baby is a boy – Graham Andrew Meredith

Low:: Hearing that my sister-in-law’s water broke at 22 weeks

High:: Finding out that there is a chance the baby will make it if Amy doesn’t get an infection. She’s made it 3 days and today is the 4th. We praise God for his mercy. CaringBridge details below.

Yes, it’s a boy and his name is Graham Andrew Meredith. We are happy.
We created a Caring Bridge for her and Baby Ella. Please pray for them – that there would be no infection and that they can get to 24 weeks. At that point they can administer steroids to help her lungs develop faster. Both Amy and Ella’s vitals are good and she is on bedrest at the hospital. Our God is a might God who can work miracles through trials like this. Pray for encouragement for Amy and pray for the family that is surrounding her, that they will be able to help comfort her and keep her company.

Low:: Colds and runny noses

High:: Kidstown Consignment sale – see info below

This week was the big Kidstown Consignment sale. With thousands and thousands of items of every kind for kids, it can be a little overwhelming.
If you would buy it for an infant or child, they have it. Strollers, wagons, cribs, high chairs, tables, toys galore, clothes size infant to 16, games, bedding, furniture….and on and on and on. Some ladies are super prepared and do all of their shopping at consignment sales. They bring several laundry baskets with belts tied to them so they can pull them. They have a list prepared of what they need and when the doors open they’re off!

My budget is pretty small compared to most but I was able to find 21 pieces of clothing and several games and toys for Garner and….Graham 🙂

Sweet little boy clothes :

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