JD finished our awesome new section of the fence. He added a lot to our backyard and I’m excited we’ll be ordering sod tomorrow! I also contacted a local nursery and found out what kind of plants will work best in our yard. Front flowerbed landscaping and sod are first. Then the side flower bed, fence flower bed, and then Garner’s playhouse flowerbeds.

Warning. If you don’t want to read about pregnancy skip this post. This serves as my journal and there are a few things I don’t want to forget about this time around.

– I’m more tired this time.

– I want sweets a lot  – much like last time

– my feet started swelling about 3 weeks ago – pretty much the same.

– I’m to where I just about can’t pick up Garner any more and that kind of makes me sad

– He moves around A LOT. I’ve been feeling him since about week 16 – amazing miracle. Now I can see him move.

– The Mooneyham’s gave us a TON and I mean a closet full of clothes mostly 12 – 18 and 18-24 months. Gymboree, Silly Goose, sweet sweet little boy things – what a blessing!

– I’m looking forward to getting the room going.

– I’m looking forward to Garner’s room redesign.

– I’m looking forward to our church clothing sale next week! http://www.highlandclothingsale.com