Lovely and busy weekend once again.

I get to mark something off my 40 before 40 thanks to JD. 🙂 The bulletin board is done and the room looks more complete than ever…Chair…rug…other things hung on the wall to come…

Before heading to Oakland Garner rode her bike for the first time! She’s a pro and LOVED it.

We celebrated the recent marriage of Amy and Mike in Oakland yesterday. Garner got to hang out with horses and her cousin Meredith. She had a lot of fun.

Oops! Garner couldn’t resist picking the ONLY tulip in Aunt Janet and Uncle Dan’s yard.

Janet passed down two sweet smocked outfits for Graham. His name is the middle name of JD’s grandfather and my grandfather, dad, brother and nephew. The tractor longall was a tribute to Felix Graham who worked for International Harverster.

And the sweet ecru shortall is a monogram M with whales. Hawaii is a favorite place of the Medley’s (and mine).

JD is busy tearing up the yard and flower beds in prep for next weekend. We’ll get our Palisade Zoysia sod for the back and our shrubbery and mulch for the front. It will be a yard weekend. I can hardly wait for the yard to be a nice green carpet. Garner will love it and we’ll enjoy it too! Lots and lots of hard work ahead.  Hoping to cap off the evenings by grilling out some Farmer’s Market fresh veggies and fish. YUM.

And while work is at it’s busiest for this time of year….I’ve had the pleasure of testing out one of these babies:

Review to come.

And I get to order 10 of these babies this week!

Here’s how we’re winding down our weekend…blog post…prepping lunch, nap stuff, dance clothes, etc. for tomorrow…and watching some Berenstain Bears…

Here’s to a nice weekend and hopefully a wonderful week ahead.