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Arlington in April. Sweet little festival. It was a perfect Saturday afternoon…complete with Face Painting.

JD said goodbye to his “baby” but it was not all loss. He said the look on his nephews face made it worth selling. JC is now the proud owner of the stang and we have space in the garage!

Which has led to shopping for these:

We would probably prefer the black and gray version of this but the red/black is on sale.

A sneak peak from Mom at the nusery bedding. I went back and forth in my mind on this fabric after we’d bought it – mainly the blue. But after seeing this it is perfect. Graham’s furniture is very dark so this brighter fabric will be nice and happy for us – especially on those long sleep deprived days.

We will be using Natura┬« Interior Waterborne Paint, Eggshell in Harbor Fog by Benjamin Moore – No odor, No VOCs which means I’ll be able to help.

We’ve enjoyed a trip to see the Redbirds, a trip to the zoo, and a trip to our favorite baker, Muddy’s, this week.

I’m so proud of my husband for all his hard work in our yard. I’m so thankful he loves yard work because I do not. We’ll be finishing this little (big) project today:

That’s only one side of our front flower bed. The side to the left of the door is about 1/3 this size. We have the plants ready and will weed and dig today!

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