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The sun is setting on this beautiful Friday…and the sun is setting on our vacation. This is the first vacation with the four of us…Garner – 3 1/2, Graham – 10 weeks, JD – turned 38 while we were here, and me…39 for a few more months.

I’m sitting on our 15th floor balcony looking into the beautiful jade green Gulf ocean. The sand is white and soft like sugar. I see Garner and JD treking through the sand to the ocean for one of the last times this trip. They are searching for treasures and shells.

The other night Garner told JD that she wanted to swim in the sunset…not swim in the ocean while the sun set, but swim in the beautiful sky. I love how she describes things.

We have had wonderful weather. Graham has loved hanging out on the beach with the breeze and the sound of the water washing up on shore. We have eaten a lot of delicious seafood – Poppy’s at Baytown Wharf, The Back Porch, Dewey Destins, and McGuires.We have shopped and hung out in the condo. Most of all, we’ve had uninterrupted family time.

We have seen dolphin, stingrays, sea turtles and lots of little crabs and fishies. Garner has marveled at the sea creatures and I’ve marveled watching her excitement.

Last night we took some portraits of Graham in and old canoe bookshelf and then family portraits on the beach. I’ll post some when we get home as our wifi is lacking.

We plan to take a few more photos tonight and to go back to Dewey Destins for another delicious dinner. I’m  looking forward to one more fresh shrimp dinner. YUM!

We’ll go back home tomorrow  and vacation will be over, but our memories are amazing. We have taken a ton of photos and I”m thankful for that. I think an annual beach trip might be in order. I’ve never been one to want to go to the beach but this trip has changed my mind. September is an awesome time to come and I hope we can visit again this time of year.

Only two more weeks of maternity leave. I’m feeling a little sad and a little happy. Graham will love Ms. Jane, his daycare teacher. She is wonderful and loves little babies. I hope to work less in the coming years. I’m going to let God take care of that.

No WW update  – haven’t stepped on a scale all week and that’s a good thing, I think.

Roll Tide baby!

So excited football season is here! Graham seems to be enjoying the game…especially since Bama is rockin! ROLL TIDE!

Now we’re just ready for the weather to catch up with the season. 70 degree days, where are you?

I love Pandora radio. I recently got a new ride and although I had a AUX port in my Camry, I never plugged in my phone using Pandora. It was great on a recent short road trip…and here I am working away while my baby is napping in his swing and Pandora is serenading us with an artist I’ve never heard – Landon Pigg. I made a Norah Jones channel and it’s so soothing when working.

WW Update: -2lbs, feeling good about it, motivated to continue, looking forward to meeting my first goal.

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