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Baby Graham Andrew Meredith arrived yesterday afternoon at 2:40pm. At 7lbs 8oz and 19.75″ he’s just perfect. We are all doing well.


Yep. I look back at the last three weeks and realize we’ve been busy.

Garner celebrated 2 with a small party due to a stomach bug the previous 24 hours. We had the immediately family mostly and it was nice. My Mom and Dad were in town and helped tremendously. Pics to come.

Spring Break Vacation started with me having the stomach bug en route to Mobile. Nice. We hopped on the “big boat” as Garner calls it and headed out into the ocean to Mexi-mo – Cozymel, Calica, and Playa. The weather was gray and windy from here to there and back but our two days in Mexico were warm and sunny. We survived it. We enjoyed parts of it. We cruised, finally. Not sure that’s our ideal kind of vacation but we did it and we’re glad we did.

Return home means back to work and we’re on the 9 week home stretch til school is out. I’m a 12 month employee so I don’t get the luxury of a full summer break, but I do get Fridays off and a shorter day M-Th. I enjoy that time and use Fridays to run errands, see friends and clean the house so my weekends are chore free. I’d kind of love that every week. 🙂

So, the Lord has been teaching me a few things lately that I wanted to share. For the last several years I’ve struggled with the notion of being older and missing my 20s. Let me clarify – I love my marriage, my daughter, and my place in life but I miss the freedom, sometimes irresponsibility, and quiet that came with my 20s. I’ve struggled with guilt though. Guilt of wasted time and years. Guilt that my life had no real purpose or reason. Guilt regarding some of the decisions I made.

But this past week the Lord spoke to me through a bible study I’m doing by Priscilla Shirer. It’s called Discerning the Voice of God. It’s one of those studies that has a lot of real life application and allows you to really look at yourself in a fresh way.

My 20s were (and my life still is) a sanctification process and I’m so thankful that God loves me, cares for me, wants to have a relationship with me, and has an awesome plan for my life.

I realized through this study that I’m really wasting precious time right now by dwelling on the past – the good or bad of it. Isaiah 43:18-19 (NIV) reminded me that I shouldn’t dwell in the past, that I should look to the future God has for me. All the while I’ve been thinking about my 20s, I’ve been missing out the joys and blessing God has for me right now in this time. My goal this week is to enjoy where I am. Get to know this season a little better, and embrace it with all of who I am. This is far from a desert season, but God is teaching me something through this time and don’t want to miss it.

And thank you, Lord, for daffodils and longer days. They  make me happy.

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I’ve enjoyed today more than expected. Although it was rainy and gray for a good part of the day, we had sunshine inside. There’s nothing like time for a 2 french presses of coffee and a good home cooked breakfast. We even watched cartoons!

I spent the day doing things that needed to be done, like laundry/dishes/etc. I tried to keep it pretty low key because I’m still not 100% since the surgery. I’m glad it’s only Saturday and I have one more day to the weekend. I’m really looking forward to the farmer’s market opening in a few weeks! Fresh veggies…downtown…delicious meals with that fresh food. YUM!

I looked forward to the next few TWD recipes and spent time flipping through the pages of the April “Living”. I love spring and Easter and green and flowers and trees budding!


Garner has been running a fever since yesterday so we didn’t do much. She never ceases to amaze me. She is growing and learning so much. Now seemed like a good time to do a list so I don’t forget these moments….

  • standing on her own and bouncing when music comes on.
  • taking 5 steps…then 3…then 6…so cute
  • kicking back on daddy and eating strawberries…so good!
  •  figuring out how to stack the lego blocks together and arranging and rearranging towers of blocks.
  • wanting to try every new food she sees and liking almost everything.
  • saying more and more sounds that sound like words
  • knowing what the ball is in her “Big Book of Words”
  • picking her up from daycare and they’ve done her hair in pigtails – for the first time
  • realizing that crawling days are almost over and i’m understanding more and more what people mean when they say, “enjoy this stage”…crawling has been too cute
  • loving the little sound she makes when she kisses me
  • watching her wave bye and hi and blow kisses
  • hurting for her while this second big bottom molar is coming in
  • loving watching her play with Peekaboo Barn on my iPhone – she knows JUST what to do


    bfs-logoTWD opened up again yesterday for a day only new member acceptance. April clued me in and I was able to post a comment before their midnight deadline. They have yet to post new members but I’m crossing my fingers.

    Surgery update: didn’t take. The procedure done failed and we’re taking a step backward and basically starting from scratch. It disappointed and discouraged me, however, I’d rather it not have worked from the beginning that have waited 8 weeks to find out it didn’t work.

    It’s not the most pleasant of areas or issues so I will spare the details on the blog. However, it’s pretty painful and I’ve been sitting on ice for 5 days now – if that tells you anything. I plan to return

    We’ve been blessed with friends, meals, and family. I just don’t know how people get through pregnancy and surgery recovery periods without the love and help of friends & family. THANK YOU!


    Garner and I have been spending quality time together while Daddy was in Vegas. We were playing in the bonus room tonight and I looked over and saw that Garner had figured out what the horn on her little train did.


    This was a gift from my brother’s family for Christmas and up until now she would push it or knock it over and would grab it when I pushed the horn. The horn makes a song play and then the train goes. Garner ususally bounces when the music plays.


    Tonight she deliberately pushed the horn, watched it go, pushed the horn, watched it go – over and over. Seeing her little index finger push that horn make me smile!


    One week from today Garner will be ONE. We stopped by the Hastings’ on Sunday to visit and to get some mondo grass for our yard. Thank you!

    While there, Eleanor inspired me once again with her style. She got a secretary for the Toad Hall space (more to come on that) that she will paint and faux finish.

    Garner got to play the piano, visit through the window with the kitty, and sit in Caroline’s high chair. Eleanor snapped some photos at just the right moment!

    Milestones: Garner took 3 steps on her own. She now has a molar coming in and a canine, which makes 10 teeth. She’s babbline quite a bit and says mamma, dadda, ball, dog, bean (my necklace), hi, bye, and so many other things I can’t quite make out yet.

    We also got to celebrate with Mia on Saturday. Happy Birthday Mia. And Happy Birthday to Vicki, my sis-in-law. Again, I’m so sorry my lame self failed to call you on Saturday. I asked her over a text if you ever get your brain back after a baby. She has 4 kids and I don’t know how she does it. I admire her more than she’ll ever know.

    Today I had my 6 week  post-op visit with Dr. Monroe. My last surgery site is healing nicely and we’ve scheduled the second round. There is about a 60% success rate and he feels like this is the way to go. It’s not the last resort, so if it doesn’t work, then we have more options. He’s taking a conservative approach which I appreciate. I’m scheduled for March 13. Pray for us, as I will be on semi bed rest for 2 weeks. No straining, no squatting, no picking up anything (including Garner), no physical activity whatsoever.

    I’m planning on doing some major crafting. I have so many projects I never completed and I hope those 14 days will give me an opportunity to make some headway on our family album, serif+sans, and other little things.

    And tomorrow I’m FINALLY getting a cut and color. It’s been almost a year since my last color and half that for my last trim. I’m in bad shape and can’t wait to see Melanie.


    Thank you thank you thank you April for the too cute bunny handknit hat! We love handmade gifts – they are extra special. See…it matches the outfit my Gammie got me way before I was born. I have kitty ears on my hood!

    It’s been a fun week. Garner took her first step on her own! She hasn’t quite gotten the hang of standing by herself and she’ll walk on her tip toes if we’re holding her hands but we were amazed and excited about the “step”. I know…I know…don’t wish this stage away too quickly! We’ll be chasing her all over the place.

    We’ve begun the planning for Garner’s 1st birthday which is 2 weeks from tomorrow. ONE! WE MADE IT! 🙂 Pink and orange are the colors and we’re looking forward to cupcakes, paper lanterns and big tissue paper flowers. ONE!

    Happy Monday…

    That’s the new word. It’s amazing how quickly she picks up words. I’ll really have be to sure not to say crap or sucks or other inappropriate words for that matter. She’s babbling all the time and picking sounds and there is even inflection in her little voice. Ball, Dog (or Doc), Dadda, Mama, Uh Oh, and numerous other sounds. I think the most fun thing to watch is her point at something and say what sounds to us like, “What’s that?” So stinkin cute I can’t stand it.

    And here she is this morning with Daddy’s glasses. She pulled them off his face and said, “uh oh.” and giggled. So sweet.

    img_0273 I love watching her do new things too. Last night in the tub I left the water running. She would touch it with both hands and try and grab it. Then she turned her head around and let the water run on her head and smiled and smiled. Her moves are so deliberate. She’s a thinking and figures things out. She doesn’t tend to get frustrated when she can’t get what she wants or do what she wants. She’s completely on the mend. After a nasty bout of the croup that turned into a nastier cold we are almost well. A little runny nose and a little cough here or there, but mostly well. 

    And I’m on the mend too. Yesterday was the first day since the surgery that I started to feel like it’s healing. Thank you God – I needed some relief.

    And it’s Friday and I’m so thankful for the weekend. JD is probably working this weekend on the catalog and I’ll be solo with G. It’s the coldest it’s been so far in Memphis  – 14 when I left the house this morning – but it will warm up to the 40’s and be sunny this weekend. I’m also looking forward to the long weekend. 🙂

    Yesterday during Chapel at school, the principal played and excerpt of MLK’s “I have a dream” speech. I was reminded that things strike me differently at different times of my life. I’m not sure if it’s that I’m 37 or that I have a daughter, or that I am around high school kids every day, but something resonated with me like it had never before when I read that speech yesterday. More to come on that on Monday…

    And hopefully I’ll have my Mac laptop back. It’s been gone to the “depot” for a week and half. I’m missing it. I want it back. I’ve probably needed the break from constant connection and I hope to keep that in mind when I have  it back, but I have missed it.

    So happy Friday to everyone! It’s time for my class – Visual Communications. We’ll see how the students handled the “Black Box Exercise.” They never cease to amaze me in their creative solution to problems.

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