Tomorrow marks 38 weeks and a big part of me didn’t expect to make it this far. I can, however, say that I feel as prepared as I could.

There’s a few meals in the freezer.
Every article of clothing is clean.
Nursing items have been purchased.
Baby items are in place and ready.
The bag is mostly packed.
The house is mostly clean.
I’ve gone through all of her clothes and made donate bags, give to people we know bags, and to sell bags.
We’ve had some special QT with Garner, including ice cream, Cars 2, and presents purchased for her.

I told JD tonight that I could go into labor tonight and feel pretty good about where things stand. I have a few things hanging out there at work that could be finished next week or the week after. It wouldn’t be the end of the world if they didn’t get done next week.

I have been able to mark a few more things off my 40 before 40 list…

One really really big one is the new shade of lipstick. That might sound ridiculous to some. It might be a non-necessity to others. It might be a luxury to many – but a good lipstick and liner is critical in my world. I can go without a single stitch of make-up and throw on some lipstick and feel great. Without it I feel like I look sick, or frumpy. So, trying a new lipstick color is a big deal.

High School and College – reds – mostly Clinique
College –  Butterscotch – Clinique
Post College – Tanarama with Chesnut liner – MAC

Sure I’ve thrown in 5 or 6 other colors and some lip glosses here and there over the last 10 years but my stand-by, go-to, always makes me feel good was the MAC combo. I have Ashley to thank for that. I’ll probably revert to it at times, as my new color is a little shocking still. It’s brighter than I’ve worn in years but I love it. I was at the MAC counter trying on colors this after when Garner and JD walked up. They didn’t have to say anything, although both did, to let me know the shade of red I had on was NOT the right one.

We settled on a pretty Red with a hint of Pink frost and a liner that goes on more pink/red that it sounds. When I got to the car and looked at the names on the box I was pleasantly surprise:

New York Apple – no where near as dark or plum as it looks here:

And you can take it as dark and “party girl” as you want…or keep it light for a nice daytime look.

Liner – Mahogany:

It will definitely look better with some eyeliner and mascara. I really can’t believe I went to MAC counter with no makeup on.

The next post will most likely be about Graham’s arrival. 🙂 I’m a little anxious, a little nervous, and oh so excited to meet this little guy that has moved and kicked and flopped like a fish for the last 6 months. We love him so much already and all those sleepless nights and exhaustion will be worth it. I’m thankful to have a bit of a clue this time. And to be closer to friends. And to have a sweet little girl who is ready to help. And to have a husband who goes above and beyond all that I could ever ask or imagine. Thank you, Lord for our many, many blessings.



Arlington in April. Sweet little festival. It was a perfect Saturday afternoon…complete with Face Painting.

JD said goodbye to his “baby” but it was not all loss. He said the look on his nephews face made it worth selling. JC is now the proud owner of the stang and we have space in the garage!

Which has led to shopping for these:

We would probably prefer the black and gray version of this but the red/black is on sale.

A sneak peak from Mom at the nusery bedding. I went back and forth in my mind on this fabric after we’d bought it – mainly the blue. But after seeing this it is perfect. Graham’s furniture is very dark so this brighter fabric will be nice and happy for us – especially on those long sleep deprived days.

We will be using Natura® Interior Waterborne Paint, Eggshell in Harbor Fog by Benjamin Moore – No odor, No VOCs which means I’ll be able to help.

We’ve enjoyed a trip to see the Redbirds, a trip to the zoo, and a trip to our favorite baker, Muddy’s, this week.

I’m so proud of my husband for all his hard work in our yard. I’m so thankful he loves yard work because I do not. We’ll be finishing this little (big) project today:

That’s only one side of our front flower bed. The side to the left of the door is about 1/3 this size. We have the plants ready and will weed and dig today!

My life is one half finished project – literally and figuratively. Every time I get ready to sew something I wonder why in the world I didn’t learn from my Mom when I was younger. Why didn’t I at LEAST take home ec? Why didn’t I learn a little bit about basic sewing before having kids? No motivation. I’ve been busy with other creative endeavors. This would have been a good skill to have before now.

Toddler Apron Dress – had good intentions of this being Garner’s Easter Dress but it was more of a learning experience for me. Collars, sleeves, button holes. What was I thinking? Should have stuck to a bishop. Ha!

Toddler Apron Dress by Collars, Etc. Super cute and probably easy once I get one under my belt. This will be a View 4. I cut the piping for the sleeve too short and didn’t have enough and froze. If I’d known more I would have made it sleeveless. If I’d been more confident with sewing I’d have made new piping or used no piping on the sleeves. Can I just say that patterns aren’t the easiest thing to follow if you’re not an experiences sewer. Or is it seamstress?

Bishop, pleated and ready to smock. Creative Keepsakes Bumble Bees plate.

Pleated Daygown by Creations by Michié. I have a white cotton lawn for that one and those sweet little buttons. The plan is do do some shadow work of either kits, duckling, or some other baby thing. This is baby Graham and really should be easy! It’s a daygown!

I need some time…and some energy…and some lessons!

My husband has been working like a machine in our yard. From the new fence section, to the sod, to the flowerbeds – way to go JD! He raced a bad storm last week and got every piece of sod laid, the yard rolled, the tools put away and in the house before the sirens went off. We’re thankful we’ve had a lot of rain because it’s made it easier to dig and weed and we haven’t had to water it yet!



And the beginnings of a beautiful backyard and playhouse for Garner 🙂

See that sweet new fence section too? Little by little by little.

Along with lots of yard we, we managed to make it to our three year check-up at the doctor. Garner’s tubes have made it into the ear canal and will eventually fall out. They’ve been amazing and we pray we don’t have to repeat that.

We were blessed by hanging out with Adrienne and her beautiful daughter Tamayah at the Easter Egg Hunt at church. She is due 3 days after me with a little boy too 🙂 She is a sweet young woman who has the same fears and excitement I do. I asked how we could pray for her and she said that all she wanted was her family to be together and to be happy. I asked what what she was wanting and all she said was a crib. It just really hit home with me that her big want, being a crib, is something that most of us just know we’ll get when we’re pregnant. Ever time I walk past our guest room/soon to be nursery I feel a prick in my heart for Adrienne. Lord show us how we can help provide for her. She’s part of the FIT Mothers program that our church sponsors and only one month in. I want to pray for her that she will stick with the program.

And we had the pleasure of attending Garner’s first dance recital! It was something else! And she’s quite the performer. 🙂

It’s been a nice week. And tomorrow we’re back to work after a 4 day weekend.

Lovely and busy weekend once again.

I get to mark something off my 40 before 40 thanks to JD. 🙂 The bulletin board is done and the room looks more complete than ever…Chair…rug…other things hung on the wall to come…

Before heading to Oakland Garner rode her bike for the first time! She’s a pro and LOVED it.

We celebrated the recent marriage of Amy and Mike in Oakland yesterday. Garner got to hang out with horses and her cousin Meredith. She had a lot of fun.

Oops! Garner couldn’t resist picking the ONLY tulip in Aunt Janet and Uncle Dan’s yard.

Janet passed down two sweet smocked outfits for Graham. His name is the middle name of JD’s grandfather and my grandfather, dad, brother and nephew. The tractor longall was a tribute to Felix Graham who worked for International Harverster.

And the sweet ecru shortall is a monogram M with whales. Hawaii is a favorite place of the Medley’s (and mine).

JD is busy tearing up the yard and flower beds in prep for next weekend. We’ll get our Palisade Zoysia sod for the back and our shrubbery and mulch for the front. It will be a yard weekend. I can hardly wait for the yard to be a nice green carpet. Garner will love it and we’ll enjoy it too! Lots and lots of hard work ahead.  Hoping to cap off the evenings by grilling out some Farmer’s Market fresh veggies and fish. YUM.

And while work is at it’s busiest for this time of year….I’ve had the pleasure of testing out one of these babies:

Review to come.

And I get to order 10 of these babies this week!

Here’s how we’re winding down our weekend…blog post…prepping lunch, nap stuff, dance clothes, etc. for tomorrow…and watching some Berenstain Bears…

Here’s to a nice weekend and hopefully a wonderful week ahead.


Another favorite children’s book that Garner has enjoyed also. The names of the characters are so fun to read – Mrs. Hipple, Clover Sue, Mrs. Primm.

From Amazon:

In this book, almost everybody loved Lyle the Crocodile until one day Clover Sue Hipple (a new friend to young Joshua Primm) started putting hate mail under Lyle’s door. Nobody knew who was doing this, until one day Mrs. Primm caught the note writer and found out why she was angry with Lyle. She invited Clover’s mother to meet Lyle, only to end the visit with the crocodile falling on both Mrs Hipple and Mrs Primm. Mrs Hipple threatened to have Lyle arrested. But at the beach the next week, Lyle saved Clover’s life, and won over both Clover and her mother.

One thing I’m glad my Mom kept from my childhood was our “I Can Read” books. One of my favorites was Lucille. Garner picked this book out a long time ago and wanted it read night after night. She memorized the book and was able to “read” to me – almost perfectly. Tonight I overheard JD and Garner having bedtime story time. JD read Lucille to her and it reminded me of her reading it to me. Her little voice – so precious talking about Lucille and her friends. That’s a memory I never want to forget.

I’m not sure it’s even in print anymore but if it is…it’s worth the read.

From Amazon:

This book is about a horse named Lucille. Lucille belongs to a farmer, and helps him to plow his fields. One day Lucille realizes that she is `dull and dirty’. The farmer’s wife has also realized this. She takes it upon herself to turn Lucille into a lady. First Lucille gets a hat with pink roses on it. Next she gets four shiny, red, high-heeled shoes. And last but not least she gets a white dress. Now Lucille is all dressed up as a lady. The only problem is, she doesn’t know how to act like one. When the farmer’s wife invites some other ladies over to meet Lucille, she gets nervous. Finally she runs out of the farmhouse and back to plow the fields with the farmer. She has realized that you shouldn’t hide who you are.

This story is told in a very straightforward manner that endeared it to me. Every page has wonderful illustrations. The pictures of Lucille all dressed up in her finery are really precious.

I have a friend recovering from surgery and made some delicious salads for her. These are my go-to recipes I take for meals when someone has surgery, a new baby, needs a pick-me-up.

I usually send a bag of whole wheat rolls and a dessert along with them. The recipes make enough for my family and the family I’m taking them too and are so summery!

Pimento Cheese
1 brick extra sharp cheddar shredded
1 brick sharp cheddar
1 4 oz jar pimentos
1 bunch of green onions chopped finely – some of the green part too
Mayo – however much you like
Here’s the secret – Tony’s Creole seasoning! As much or little as you like OR cayenne pepper

Chicken salad – everything to taste on this too:
2 cans boneless chicken breast
grapes or craisins
celery optional

Pasta Salad – everything’s to taste…

Cheese Tortellini – frozen kind you boil for 3 minutes, drained and cooled
grape tomatoes sliced
black olives sliced
feta cheese
fresh spinach
Kraft Tuscan Italian dressing

Cookie Bars
Nestle Tollhouse recipe on the back of the bag but I substitute one cup of flour with quick cooking oats.
Spread in a casserole dish and bake at 375 for approx 20 minutes. Cool, cut and YUM!

JD finished our awesome new section of the fence. He added a lot to our backyard and I’m excited we’ll be ordering sod tomorrow! I also contacted a local nursery and found out what kind of plants will work best in our yard. Front flowerbed landscaping and sod are first. Then the side flower bed, fence flower bed, and then Garner’s playhouse flowerbeds.

Warning. If you don’t want to read about pregnancy skip this post. This serves as my journal and there are a few things I don’t want to forget about this time around.

– I’m more tired this time.

– I want sweets a lot  – much like last time

– my feet started swelling about 3 weeks ago – pretty much the same.

– I’m to where I just about can’t pick up Garner any more and that kind of makes me sad

– He moves around A LOT. I’ve been feeling him since about week 16 – amazing miracle. Now I can see him move.

– The Mooneyham’s gave us a TON and I mean a closet full of clothes mostly 12 – 18 and 18-24 months. Gymboree, Silly Goose, sweet sweet little boy things – what a blessing!

– I’m looking forward to getting the room going.

– I’m looking forward to Garner’s room redesign.

– I’m looking forward to our church clothing sale next week!


I’m on Spring Break this week. It’s one of the perks of working for a school. 🙂 Mom and Dad were in town for a belated Garner 3rd birthday party.

Her invite was super cute if I do say so…

The party was completed with sweet pink cupcakes that had the best buttercream I’ve made, white nonpareils and silver dragees, and pink favor bags filled with princess things. So sweet. Garner had a blast.

Mom and I were able to finalize the nursery fabric for Graham. It’s been much more difficult picking fabric for a boy than it was for Garner. We spend a rainy Memphis Monday going from fabric shop to fabric shop with our trusty chauffer, Dad. We settled on the right three – a stripe, toile and dot. The colors are much brighter than I expected to get but with the dark furniture and pale walls and rocker I think it will be cheery and fun. The valance will be the stripe banded with the dot. The skirt will be the same. Bumper will be the toile and dot trimmed with the stripe. The stacker will be the toile accented with the stripe and dot. And we got the large dot too for a big floor pillow.

I have a really long list of “To Do’s” for this week. One of the biggest is number 31 on the list. I can say I have completed it and am in the process, of starching/ironing, hanging, pinning, entering inventory and tagging. Whew! This is taking much longer than expected. I’m hoping to finish it tomorrow so I’m ready for the sale. I think this is the first time in a long time I’ve actually planned ahead. I’m trying to price low for this first sale. It’s been fun and a little sad at times looking through every piece of clothing Garner has had since birth. I’ll have to take a photo of the completed inventory.

A few of the other things going on this week include rebuilding part of our fence. Dad helped JD set the posts over the weekend. He’ll work on it tomorrow and through the weekend I’m sure. We’ve added 720 sq feet to our backyard – perfect for a swingset in the future. We had a huge side yard and this worked well.

Mom and I also completed the landscaping plan for the front and would have purchased all the plants had it not been for pesky car repairs…actually truck repairs that started out last week at $600 and another $1100 this week. Add the $400 on the Camry week before last and it’s been an expensive car month. I’m ready for a month without a several thousand dollar bill – house refi…roof…car maint…

I’m 23.5 weeks and this little guy is busy, strong and low. He seems to be more active than Garner was but It’s been 3 years and I’m not sure I really remember.

So thankful it’s Spring Break and JD has taken off 2 days. Looking forward to hanging out with him tomorrow.

The weather is perfect and we cooked out cheeseburgers, bacon wrapped asparagus, and roasted sweet potato fries. So here’s a really recipe to try:

Sweet Potato Fries with Basil Salt and Garlic Mayo by Giada via I read the recipe wrong and combined the Basil Salt and Garlic Mayo to make a really delicious dip. I think it had to be better that way.