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On the way home from Trunk or Treat (photos to come) from the back seat we start to hear humming. Garner was singing “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and making the hand motions that go along with it.

When I picked her up from school on Friday she was sing the ABC song. And she knows how to sing E I E I OOOO at precisely the right time and in the right key. Amazing. Just amazing.

I thought I’d better add this to the blog before I forget. For all practical purposes, this is Garner’s baby book. And I’m perfectly fine with that.


does NOT equal, or even come close to this:

Last night JD and I had the privilege of having our second date night in 2 weeks. While Mamaw played with Garner, we went to see Where the Wild Things Are. I struggled with even wanting to see the movie because it’s one of, if not my favorite children’s book -as an adult that is.

I worked at Borders in college in the children’s department. I was the Saturday story time lady. I orchestrated elaborate story time events, including princess dress up tea parties, Winnie’s b’day party, and the Stinky Cheese Man. I was hired on as an original staff person. So, I was there before the books were. Yes, I, along with 25 or so other people stocked every book in that place. Palette after palette of books arrived via 18-wheeler, were unloaded into the stock room, and then the stocking circus would begin. I was a well-organized event.

My job was the kids dept. If you’ve ever been in Borders, you’ll know it’s not a small dept. Before time to go home each evening we would read a story. And during that first week of setting up the store, it was my turn….and I picked Where the Wild Things Are. It’s a great memory.

When the movie came out I wrestled with the idea of seeing it. I didn’t want my grown-up children’s book ruined. I wanted it to stay in tact. I’ve seen several movies that have been adapted into film. Some are ok. Most are so-so.

So with an evening to ourselves we had to take advantage of seeing a movie. We flipped a coin – Amelia or Where the Wild Things Are. And you know what won.

I don’t read may movie reviews so I’m not even sure what the critics said, but it was kind of sad. I expected more animated make believe. I expected a more innocent story. I expected something lighter and more fun. I will do my best to not remember the movie every time I read the book that sits on Garner’s shelf. I will do my best to make my mind’s idea of the story win out over someone’s film idea of the story.

I won’t ruin it for those who read this that want to see it. If you’ve read the book, you know the story. I guess we just get to know the characters in a way I never wanted to.

So still, I’m uncertain as to whether or not I even liked it. I did, however, love an evening with my husband, and the trip to Muddy’s aftewards made our evening perfect.

While the Needle & Thread is quickly becoming a busy business, I am working on the website and online store. The fabric selections are fun, products are great quality, and of course the construction/embroidery/applique is beautiful!

That is a baby gift to a former co-worker from Melanie and me. It includes a burp cloth, bib, and two sets of note cards I designed to go with the fabric in her nursery. The gift will be complete when wrapped in chocolate brown paper and a tiffany blue bow to match the contents. As Eleanor says, “That just make my heart sing!”

It’s times like these that I really do miss designing stationery and think about giving it another go by myself. The past two companies have been partnerships. One was mine and Ashley’s company, and one was Eleanor’s in which I had a small ownership. Eighteen months later and I’m missing it.

Along with this new applique font, Needle & Thread also has the cutest frog and reindeer you’ve ever seen – more to come on that. Mom requested that she be able to offer stationery with her products – especially for the gift sets. It’s been on my mind and I guess I just need to pray about it.

The October Sugar Plums auction item …back by popular demand from last year…
is Pumpkin Cake with Brown Butter Icing and Candied Walnuts, courtesy of MSL. The whole house smelled like fall last night and it brought me such joy.


Needless to say, we had it for breakfast and it was so so good. Garner wanted “mo! mo! mo!” Heh.

Looking forward to finishing the fall dress so Garner can wear it this weekend. All that’s left is the buttons, loops, and the whip stitching on the neck which Mom left for me to do. And I’m looking forward to making White Bean Chicken Chili this weekend – some to freeze, some to eat. YUM!

So I’ve been “living” in my office space since he beginning of July. It has told me a few things:
1. Paint me
2. Paint me soon
3. Paint me because this drab beige is keeping the creative away!

Hrmmmm. I think I need to paint it. With my Mom and Dad in town this week (hallelujah!) maybe I can get Mom to help. She LOVES to paint. Seriously. I’ve never known anyone who LOVES to paint.

This photo of nicole hill gerulat’s home inspired me a little because we have the picture ledges and I use a Mac 🙂

nicole hill gerulat is a commercial/advertising photographer who specializes in lifestyle and food photography.

nicole hill gerulat is a commercial/advertising photographer who specializes in lifestyle and food photography.

I also have yet to choose a color for the nook in our bedroom that I hope will become my reading/Bible Study retreat – which I really really want.

A few colors I’m considering are Vintage Map (the color of Garner’s room), a pale cool purple blue like the photo above, or a warm gray like Martha Stewart seen below.

And for Garner’s furniture in the playroom/studio office I’m going to use the green as seen in Martha’s craft room below. I mean – that GREEN! Oh Martha.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Check out all these beautiful items made by my Mom. They are beautiful, hand-crafted items. And they are very sweet and affordable for gifts!

For more info on how to order, just email me at ispydesigns at mac dot com.

Just 3 hours and 14 minutes until my Fall Break begins. I just can’t tell you how ridiculously excited I am to have 5 days off in a row that doesn’t include pain killers and surgery recovery. 🙂

JD, Garner and I will be hitting the road for a much needed family vacation. We’re heading into Arkansas to enjoy some Ozark fall weather and quality time together. YAHOOO!

In other news – Garner is continuing to be quite the daredevil:

I did finish smocking part of the blue smocked dress and Mom so graciously finished the sewing part:
Thank you to Daddy for the photoshoot. They’ve yet to be color corrected but at least you can see how it looks on her – complete with those sweet little red shoes.

I’m close to finishing the fall dress which is a brown/tan gingham with chocolate floss and orange bullion roses. I need to go pick out the next project before we head out of town so I have something to stitch on the way.

Sugar Plums for the month of September was thoroughly enjoyed. For those of you who love cookies, but don’t love the time it takes to bake them, here’s tip: Nestle’s Toll House cookies bars – just as good as the real thing, only a fraction of the time.

Crafting – I need some creative ideas. It’s time to get started on Christmas stuff. I hope to do an advent calendar with goodies in it for Garner, a “Twas the Night Before Christmas” pennant or spinner project, and some fun holiday art. We’ll see how all that goes.

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